JavaFX 2.0 Deck Pane Control

I experiment a lot with everything including new javaFX. Few weeks ago I had to make some “Container” that can change nodes with fade animation. I was inspired by DeckNode from here.

After making it i noticed that i miss some nice features, so i made new Control with some better features like Scale between node changes etc.

Well DeckPane is simple control that shows only one node at a time. Animations between changes of current visibleNode are FADE, SCALE, PERSPECTIVE defined in enum AnimationMode, animation duration can be set via setAnimationDuration(Duration value), default is 500ms, animation duration represents duration of “in” and “out” part,  so the real duration is 1000ms. Setting current visible node is done with setVisibleNodeID(String nodeId) method. The code is still in debug phase you will see a lot of printouts in console, some parts of code are not so clean.

Here is demo video with  that show functionality of Deck Pane Control. Source can be found in git repository.

Hope you like it and feel free to comment/criticize/request features/report bugs, etc.

Here are the pictures of how project looks in netbeans in case you get any errors.